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4 Fun Ways to bring out the Christmas Cheer!

There are lots of ways to celebrate Christmas and most of us have a particular way of doing so. Oh what fun it is to bring out the traditions we look forward to during this time of year. When it’s all said and done, it’s both the big traditions and all the little moments that makes it into the most wonderful time of the year. It is through these times we share with friends and family that makes the holidays so memorable and meaningful, right?

Christmas is around the corner, but there is still time to spread cheer with these simple ways to bring out the “Fun” this holiday season.


Consider hosting a DIY keepsake Christmas ornament party:

Keep things simple by mixing up a bowl of punch and setting out a few easy appetizers. Invite a group of friends over and have each individual to bring decoration supplies. You can purchase supplies from an arts and craft store or my favorite, a nearby dollar store. This will ensure you have a variety of décor to go around. Spread out supplies in sections on a large table, and make sure the appetizers are nearby.

Turn on some holiday tunes in the background and you are all set. Once your guest have completed their ornament, give everyone a number to choose from (keep it simple) and allow each guest to pick a number. Depending on who’s number they choose, that will be the ornament they will take home as a keepsake.

Not only is this a fun and wonderful way to enjoy this holiday season, but its also a way you and your friends can tap into your creative side all the while spreading a little Christmas Cheer!

Bake Holiday Cookies with friends and family:

Is there anything better than freshly baked Christmas treats? Try baking your favorite holiday treat and give a batch of homemade cookies or bars as a gift for extra cheer points. To spice it up, purchase a few cookie tins from your local dollar store and add a silver or gold bow to complete the sweet look ☺

Tour the town with an Ugly Christmas Sweater:

You’ll be surprised how an old sweater can turn a Grinch smile upside down and bring out the giggles in everyone! If you own an ugly sweater, add some holiday ornaments, bows, lights and bells, etc… to spice up that dull sweater you have. Or, like me, take a shortcut and purchase one from your local store. Gather some old tights, long socks or purchase a pair of reasonable ones you can save for next year.

If you really want to make someone giggle with an ole OH HO HO, you can go all out with a Santa cap and makeup. This is a sure way to catch the attention of all. You’ll be surprised how cheezy holiday outfits or sweaters can make everyone smile! Bring on the sparkly sweaters, festive jumpsuits and tower like Santa hats. Don’t forget to take lots of pics! The cheesier, the better

Everything Christmas:

Here’s an all time favorite in my home; Invite friends and family over for some Jingle Bell Rock fun! Ask each guest to either wear Christmas sweaters or Christmas PJ’s. I actually think the pajama feel is a bit festive and Christmasy. Ask everyone to bring a dish of choice, while you provide the heartier side of things. Or, to save time and money, you can go hors d'oeuvre style. Have Christmas tunes playing throughout the house to brighten the mood.

Be sure to set the Holiday vibes sitting out candy canes, Christmas treats and even fruit for your more modest guest. Set up Jolly stations with games for all and for your laid back guest, turn a Christmas movie on for them to watch or you may be able to catch the Christmas Marathon to bring a bit of variety... Ha! Our favorite game for the holiday is “Saint Peter, Saint Paul”. This is where we gather a group of volunteers to sit in a circle of Cheer. The object of the game is to see who can take thrown. Choose a leader to shout out a specific number and if your number is called and you are not prepared to recite the number back utilizing the same energy and rhythm as Saint Peter, you are then disqualified. It is very fun and brings Holiday spice to any gathering.

I plan to do a live display on December 22nd at 8pm MST. This will give you an idea of how it’s played and you can successfully incorporate this into your holiday Gathering!

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