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Transformational Teacher, Purpose Revivalist, SOUL Shifter, Kingdom Ambassador, Gail R. Cunningham comes to ignite your purpose, passion, and profits. She is an intentional leader whose passion reaches to meet the needs of others. Gail thrives on providing lifelong tools that assist others in fulfilling their purpose. This revolutionary speaker is influencing and impacting lives through her out of box training that concentrates on renewing the mind, heart, and soul.  Her teaching brings forth healing, restoration, and transformation in the lives that she touches. She is equipping generations to change nations.

Prophetess Cunningham serves faithfully as the co-founder of Nations of Fire Ministry alongside her husband of 20 years, Pastor Aaron Cunningham. Their prophetic ministry bears the fruit of deliverance. She is the mother of five biological children and one bonus blessing. Gail equips and nurtures others purpose as a spiritual mother, mentor, coach, and friend. She is known for her spirit of excellence, fire-driven anointing, integrity, and uncommon faith, and she saturates everything she does in prayer. 

She has a heart, for the disadvantaged and it compels her to extends herself to those who are hurting, low income, or broken and provide them with life strategy tools to come out of their situation. Gail passion for helping others overcome barriers of limitation was birth out of her determination to eliminate others from having to endure her pain. As she saw others lost, broken, and confused, she began to take her life lessons and provide them with tools that strengthen, restore, and revive them. This awakened her sensitivity to her natural gift from God to teach, empower, impact, and encourage people.

As a Kingdom Ambassador, Prophetess Gail develop and release kingdom leaders and prophets through Holy Spirit led leadership development and prophetic training courses. Her spiritual warfare training equips kingdom warriors to aggressively combat (oppose) the kingdom of darkness. Gail is anointed to change atmospheres, release the spirit of breakthrough, through the supernatural move of God. 

Mrs. Cunningham is transforming lives through her entrepreneur endeavors. Her organization Women of Influence Ink is rewriting the narrative of many women lives as she helps them identify their purpose and develop and execute an action plan so they may live a purposeful life. Her Lollipop Glam Boutique is assisting others in making their mark in society by identifying their external beauty).  She (produces productive citizens) through her Tower Staffing Solutions. Gail is maximizing her influence and reach in radio through her shows Spring Forward.

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