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Buyer’s Remorse in Exchange for Gratification

Although this is the most wonderful time of the year and the most happiest season of all, it's so easy to get caught up in an emotional roller coaster of Holly Jolly today and Scrooge tomorrow. With all of the hustle and bustle this holiday season, don’t get stuck feeling empty due to buyer’s remorse and debt.

I remember all too well how I used to get so excited for the annual sales and hoopla of Black Friday, etc. So much so, I would shop until my bank account dropped to an all-time low. And after the holiday season, I was left trying to figure out how I could get my balance from a negative to a positive. I would go from this is “Most Wonder Time of The Year”, to the New Year blues. All of this was due to me allowing my emotions to get the best of me.

Like so many of us, we think about how much we want to show our love; however, love isn’t in material things… Its actually demonstrated all year round through time, decisions, actions, and emotions you “share”. With that being said; don’t let one day define your status, and by all means, don’t let anyone make you feel as if material things represent love.

The greatest gift of all is Love! Love all year and skip the price tag the month of December.

10 ways to avoid the rollercoaster of shame

Here are some ways that will surely keep your pockets in check!

  1. Don’t purchase unnecessary things that you know you will not use throughout the year.

  2. Ask yourself, is this a need or a want

  3. Stay within your means

  4. Know that a credit card is just that, credit. It has to be paid back with interest

  5. Stay away from sales that truly aren’t sales. The prices are marked up and designed to make you believe you’re getting a bargain

  6. Know you have to live after the holiday

  7. What you spend in one month, could leave you paying it off for a year

  8. Be sensible when purchasing gifts

  9. Leave all credit cards at home, It leaves room for temptation to spend

  10. Do research/price check before making a purchase

Bonus Tip*

Shop out of season to get a better ticket price. Who says you have to shop for Christmas during Christmas, you have the whole year to complete your shopping list

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